Picking a Creative Gift for Him

Picking a Creative Gift for Him

Regardless of whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been together for a while you’ll definitely pass the “gift-giving stage”. Similarly to women, men love getting gifts! It makes them feel valued and heard as well as shows them that you are invested in the relationship. Here are some simple tips on how to master the art of picking the right gifts for your man. 

  • Note what’s important for him
  • While looking for his special gift, please follow one simple rule: choose something that matters to HIM, not to YOU. Put his preferences and interests first and try to develop your ideas based on that. 

  • Eliminate the unnecessary
  • Do your own research on his hobbies and interests. Is there anything he still doesn´t own? You may occasionally ask him what are the things related to his hobbies or interests that he still lacks or needs to eliminate the unnecessary ones from your list. 

  • Ask him about what he wouldn't   like to get 
  • You may take a far more creative approach and ask him the opposite! In other words, figure out what he wouldn’t like to have as a present or what he doesn’t like in general. This might also shorten the number of potentially wrong options. 

  • Recall all the things he’s been excited about 
  • Make a separate list of things you’ve noticed he’s been excited about, and add up more gift ideas to it throughout the year so that you will have plenty of them whenever needed. 

    1. Personalize the gift

    To make a gift extra special, you may want to consider having it personalized in some way. One of the latest trends on the market is personalized portraits! Makes a genuinely creative and unforgettable gift that would make your giftee laugh and remind you of his special moments with you. Such types of presents are also great as exclusive home decor in case your man loves design.